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HOw To Become a Hero

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N3 for this time I wrote in english. Hahaa.. Now I want babbling on one quite interesting subject and can also uninteresting it all depends on reader. hahahaha.. like serious only ( macam ye ye oo ajek… hahhaa) we talk about How To BecoMe a Hero.

Heroes are the men and women we aspire to make a difference in the world, their community or in life. Instead of watching other heroes try being one instead. You can be a hero in the life of your family, and an example for others around you.


1. Step1

Recognize that anyone can be a hero. Heroism is a characteristic trait that includes integrity, wisdom and courage. Heroes are simply people who decide to stand up and make a difference in the best way that they know can within the sphere of influence.

2. Step2

Research heroes of the past. Read about the mythical heroes of ancient Greek and other cultures and learn how they used heroism to make positive changes in their world.

3. Step3

Look up animation. Heroes are common in comic books and animated television programs. Study the hero use of courage to make decisions and weigh consequences.

4. Step4

Educate yourself on modern day heroes. Find out about individuals like Mother Teresa and Rosa Parks who made important and lasting contributions in modern day society. Look at the values and morals that they displayed. Contribute to the world in creative ways.

5. Step5

Show courage. Heroes remain calm when in dangerous or threatening situations. They place themselves in danger for their beliefs and to protect the rights of others.

6. Step6

Do the right thing. A hero faces temptation just like everyone else. They choose to overcome these temptations even at their own expense because they recognize the negative outcome associated with it.

7. Step7

Be humble. Heroes are not looking for worship or admiration. To be a hero keep your good deeds quiet, speak about them only when asked too and use them to encourage others instead of making them feel inadequate.

Hahhaa.. korang jangan terkejut kalau baca ni.. tgk ibu nye grammar.. pergh.. tahap mat saleh.. hahhaa.. sebenarnya ibu copy kat website ni Artikel yang menarik bagi ibu.. so kredit la untuk website ni..

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